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Google Shares 6 Tips to Make Your E-Commerce Website Stand Out in Google Search

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Google Shares 6 Tips to Make Your E-Commerce Website Stand Out in Google Search

Watch this video on 6 tips to make your e-commerce website stand out in Google searches. In this video, Alan Kent from Google shares 6 ways you can optimize the look of your e-commerce website in Google Search, paying extra attention to products.

Tip #1: Review your title links

Review your title links
Review your title links

The first tip is to check the title links Google is showing for your products in search results. A good title link can greatly help users understand your offering, bringing quality traffic to your site.
Title links are normally extracted from the title element in the HTML markup of pages. If Google thinks a title looks incomplete or does not match the page contents, it may look at other sources, such as the main visual heading of the page or even the source text of links to the page. If you automatically generate page product titles from product attributes, take care to avoid duplicated information or poorly formatted titles due to missing data.
Low-quality title links can harm a user’s impression of your site. Another challenge with title links is there can be a lag of multiple days before an update on your website is visible in search results. This means putting dynamic information in a title, such as current stock levels or price, is not recommended.
A simple way to check how your titles appear in search results is to perform a site search, specifying the URL in the Google Search box, enter site, colon, and then the URL of your page. It is a good idea to check multiple pages to ensure title links are as expected.

If no match is found, use the URL Inspection tool to check that a page has been indexed.
Collecting site analytics data can help determine the effectiveness of different titles.
If you try to change the title over time to see which works better, make sure you allow sufficient time for Google to index each variation. Experimenting with different titles can help determine the importance to your customers of different product attributes, such as brand name.
To improve your title links, check out Control Your Title Links in Search Results on Google Search Central. Follow the provided advice as best you are able.

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